TRYP Rides

If you drive for Uber or Lyft and are sick of their bullshit, check out TrypRides. You can really be your own boss with this new company. Pay a small fee monthly, keep all your money, favorite driver option, and your own merchant account to receive payment!

Open now in New York City and Miami – Ft. Lauderdale. Get in on the ground floor by signing up for their free app now!

Download Riders App Here

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Bitcoin Mania

The Bitcoin train is leaving the station, or it has been leaving the station for the past few years. There is still time to get smart about making bank on Bitcoin and a few other cryptos. I have some recommendations you might like to consider, exchanges you can trust for purchasing and places or devices to store your crypto securely. I’m also going to list some information sites I use to get the latest news.

First, don’t be put off by the price of Bitcoin. You just need a piece, just like you don’t buy an entire gold bar. I buy a small amount of Bitcoin every week no matter what the price is. This is called “dollar cost averaging” and is the best way to get into building a portfolio. I use Coinbase and Gemini Exchange to purchase crypto. Mostly Gemini because they are cheaper than Coinbase. But I keep some of my crypto on Coinbase because of their security. I also use a Trezor hardware wallet to keep the majority of my Bitcoin safe. With a Trezor, my Bitcoin is my business and can be transported anywhere in the world if needed. Try that with a large amount of fiat currency, you’ll either be arrested or your money confiscated or both. And forget about gold, it’s too heavy.

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